Two young kidnapped women flee for their lives in a dilapidated building, pursued by a ruthless killer.
As Natalie leads the escape, she recalls flashbacks to hunting in the woods with her father and the wisdom he imparted on her about survival.

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“Darkness Finds the Fearful” is a psychological horror and thriller film with a slasher twist. This short film is the essence of a feature-length screenplay written by Sin Ribbon and explores the darkness of the human spirit in a survival situation. The horror genre provides the unique opportunity to illustrate human nature in its rawest form while examining how human life is valued. Though a short film, this story is derived from a larger universe and is the first step into the dark world of Sin Ribbon’s narratives.


More Darkness Finds the Fearful videos available on YouTube.

Written & Directed by Sin Ribbon
Starring: Heather Schroeder, Damian James, Courtney Fortner
Produced by Sommersill Tarabek and Sin Ribbon
Director of Photography: Miles Nera
Music Composer: Mikko Tarmia (award-winning composer of survival horror game Amnesia: The Dark Descent)

Anonymous, Lily Downey, a certain sweet spider, Christian Barrett, Michael O’Brien, Cristy D. Biason, Alain & Cherryl Uy, Alex Lamar, Anonymous, Harrison Donellan, Bella B. Valdez, Alexis Nera, Edna Ticzon, frakalrock, Gary Rabuzzi, Anonymous, Drew Brisco, Lisa Smith, Jeremy Dunn, Tami Schroeder Crolla, Ross Mastenbrook, maileenrv, Karen Borchers, Jonathan Nelson, a2chua, Brett Hauer, ReCo, Peter Ramirez, John & Kim Tarabek, d.arguello.e, Kalika Sarasin, Amanda Osborne, Kyle Holody, Wasan Madan

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