I am a writer, artist, and director. My work is the culmination of screenplays and prose, paintings, comics, and films. An eclectic blend, I use these creative ventures to spin existential tales about the human condition, exploring dark and fantastic worlds. I draw from the philosophical and spiritual to tell stories both of encouragement and consequence. In sharing these impassioned narratives, I hope to inspire personal growth and change.

Currently, I am writing an urban fantasy novel, which you can support and read in progress on Patreon, while I continue building my art portfolio and applying to galleries across the U.S. You can also view and purchase paintings from my current exhibition in Savannah, GA until July 10th.

My influences range from the disturbingly beautiful to the grotesque and cerebral. Primarily, I am inspired by cosmology and music, as well as other stories spanning the contemporary and mythological. My interests include gaming, cars, urban exploring, collecting bones, fitness and health, science, and general nerdom.

For professional inquiries, you can email me at sinribbon[at]gmail.com. My social media accounts are linked below.