Sin Ribbon is an author, artist, and poet. Her work is a culmination of novels, paintings, screenplays, and films. An eclectic blend, she draws from the philosophical and spiritual to spin existential tales of encouragement and consequence. Her works originate from the caverns of introspection and explore identity, origin, loss and depression, and the quest for meaning. Sin uses storytelling to deepen her understanding of the human condition and connect with others through the message of growth.

Her cosmic watercolor paintings are a meditation on the human spirit's connection to the universe. In a union of astronomy and mysticism, these delicate depictions combine the figure with shining stars and galactic nebulas in portraits investigating the nature of the soul. As science deepens its understanding of the universe, Sin explores these concepts with a tender approach to mankind's place in the cosmos.

Currently, Sin is finishing the second volume for her urban fantasy series, Ten of Destiny, which you can support and read in progress on Patreon. You can find the first volume on Amazon. As an Amazon associate, a small percentage of sales are received based on qualifying purchases at no additional cost to customers.

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Commissions: Commissions for portraits are currently open, but I am booked out until December 2020.

Professional inquiries: sinribbon[at]


2020 Forlorn Famine (forthcoming) // Amazon
          ONLINE + PRINT: novel (urban fantasy)
2020 Divine Death (Second Edition re-release) // Amazon
          ONLINE + PRINT: novel (urban fantasy)
2019 Persephone In Underland: #1 Orpheus (re-release) // Amazon
          ONLINE: comic (fantasy)
2019 Philophobia (re-release) // Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo
          ONLINE: short story (horror)
2019 In Her Burning: A Surreal Diary - Transcripts from the Award-Winning Audio Drama // Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo
          ONLINE + PRINT: podcast transcript (fantasy)

Fiction / Poems:

2020 The Chase (forthcoming) // Occulum
          ONLINE: poem
2020 Days We Swallowed Anyway // Yes Poetry
          ONLINE: poem
2020 Outsider // Ghost City Press
          ONLINE: poem
2020 On Being Told, "You Don't Need to Lift Weights; You're a Woman" // Mookychick
          ONLINE: poem
2020 His Hands // TERSE. Journal
          ONLINE: poem
2019 Saltwater Soul // Moonchild Magazine
          ONLINE: lyric essay
2018 Philophobia // Barrelhouse Magazine
          ONLINE: short story (horror)
2018  Hymn to the Centipede // FIVE:2:ONE Magazine
          ONLINE: lyric essay, visual poem


2019 Writing Tips: 5 Ways to Avoid Plot Holes In Your Novel // The Creative Penn
          ONLINE: listicle
2018 How the Words of the Dead Carried Me Home // Luna Luna Magazine
          ONLINE: essay
2018 With Hands Made of Light: a Creative Analysis of Sailor Moon // Luna Luna Magazine
          ONLINE: essay
2018 Researchers Find the Birth of Civilization in a Nutshell // Ruminate Magazine
          ONLINE: essay
2017 Prophetic Growth: Tarot Reading for Introspection // Luna Luna Magazine
          ONLINE: essay

Exhibitions & Screenings:

2018 Star Children // The Starland Cafe, Savannah GA, May 29 - July 10
2018 Crimson Screen Film Festival // South of Broadway Theater, Charleston SC, May 25
2018 Where Joy Is Found // The Porch Gallery, Savannah GA, March 15 - 22
2017 Micro//Macro // Sulfur Studios, Savannah GA, Sept 20 - 30
2016 Film & Her: A Female Filmmaker Showcase // The Sentient Bean, Savannah GA, Mar 5

Awards & Acknowledgements:

2019 In Her Burning: A Surreal Diary - audio drama podcast // Audio Verse Awards: Best Self-Contained Production of 2018
          genre: drama, dark fantasy, sci-fi
2018 Darkness Finds the Fearful - short film // Crimson Screen Film Festival: Official Selection, Nominated for Best Cinematography
          genre: horror, thriller